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  • April 12Breakfast for 04/15/2024 - Waffles
  • April 12Lunch for 04/12/2024 - Toasted Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup
  • April 11Breakfast for 04/12/2024 - Biscuit with Sausage Gravy
  • April 11Lunch for 04/11/2024 - Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuit
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The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

Follow their Instagram to show your support. They will be posting to let students and the community know what is next in their plans.
Black Student Union: Unionizing Black Culture in the Student Body
Abigail Rudy, Reporter • April 10, 2024

Black Student Union is a student-led organization where students can come to learn about history, learn more about diversity throughout schools...

Anticipation. Senior Lilian Roberts and junior Charlie Kephart wait excitedly for the PSPA state competition to begin. Both Roberts and Kephart are editors for the Mountain Echi.
A story to tell: Seven publication staffers participate in the PSPA State competition.
Madison Aboud and Charlie Kephart, Associate Editor and Associate Editor • April 4, 2024

On April 3, members of the Mountain Echo and Horseshoe Yearbook staffs traveled Penn State University for the Pennsylvania Scholastic Press...

Staying healthy. Staff members are eating healthier meals and staying active for the next coming months.
Staff members participate in Biggest Loser competition
Cevin Dively, Reporter • April 2, 2024

The Biggest Loser Competition is a healthy competition between staff members that runs from March 11 until May 17. The teachers are in teams...

Exploring the marvels of Biology. Students and Partsch collaborated in the classroom together, now posing for a picture before Partschs absence.
Striking out cancer
Megan Shultz, Associate Editor • April 11, 2024

On Saturday, April 13, the girl’s softball team will be hosting a Sideline Cancer game in support of biology teacher, Heather Partsch who was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's...

Spreading the message. Posters are hanging around the halls about the new club. The google classroom code is grprz3b.
Hearts for love
March 26, 2024
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On the Podium. Junior Luke Sipes stands on the Podium after placing fourth in Hershey for the State tournament. Sipes has placed at States since his Freshman year.
Sipes places fourth at States
Eric Weyant, Reporter • April 5, 2024
Mountain Echo Voices
Classwork. Students in Freshman Seminar are currently working on community service projects. Throughout the first three marking periods, they worked through workbooks and on Smart Futures skills.
Freshman Seminar proves unnecessary
Emmalee Martyak, Reporter • April 5, 2024

To many eighth grade students, the deciding factor of whether or not their freshman year will be enjoyable seems to be which electives they choose to take. Students preparing...

Students look forward to spring break each year. This break gives them four days to relax before returning to school.
Schools should spring for longer break
Ryan Longstreth, Reporter • April 4, 2024

During March, high schools and universities across the country will opt to give their student bodies a break for the spring season. In the high school setting, this break...

Gutsy. GUTS (spilled) is former Disney star, Olivia Rodrigos second album. Her first, SOUR, won her three Grammy awards in 2022.
A punch to the guts
Mattie Baker, Reporter • April 2, 2024

“GUTS (spilled)” by Olivia Rodrigo was officially released this past Friday, and has revived the original album (“GUTS”) and pushed it back into the mainstream. That,...

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Books through music. Comparing novels that must be read in school to popular and well known songs.
April Book of the Month
Madison Aboud, Associate Editor • April 4, 2024

For this Book of the Month, I have decided I am going to try something new. Along with being a massive bookworm, I also have always had a major love of music of all genres....

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Editorial Cartoon
Editorial Cartoon
Georgia Zlupko, Guest Reporter • March 4, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Transgender struggles
Letter to the Editor: Transgender struggles
Theo Kessling, Contributor • March 1, 2024
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Non-testing students benefit from asynchronous learning on Keystone days
Editorial Board April 2, 2024

During Keystone testing in May, administration officially declared that non-testing students will study at their homes. While this year takes...

St. Pattys Day
St. Patty's Day
Addisen McDonald, Reporter • March 7, 2024

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